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August 24, 2014

posted Aug 24, 2014, 7:31 AM by David Bridges


He who has knowledge spares his words, and a man of understanding is of a calm spirit.  Proverbs 17:27


“The Danger of Self Deception”


James 1:12-27


6:00 PM at Morton Avenue

Join us for our study in the book of Zechariah.


Thursday Evening Guest Speaker:  Pastor Ken Graves will be teaching our Thursday night Bible study on August 28th (6:00 PM).  Pastor Ken and Pastor Dave are hoping this will be an opportunity to reach out to those who do not regularly join us on Thursday nights.

Men’s Conference:  Calvary Chapel Orrington will be holding their annual men’s conference on September 27th with doors opening at 8:00 AM.  See Pastor Dave if you would like to carpool. You can register at ccbangor.org.

Sunday Children’s Ministry:  We offer two Sunday School classes for children ages 4 to 7 and ages 8 to 12.  Don’t forget to sign your child(ren) in before church.  The sign-in form is located on the resource table.  Both groups will be dismissed to their classes after worship.  Nursery is available for infants through age 3 during the entire service.  Please pick up your children from Sunday School/Nursery as soon as possible after the service so teachers can begin cleaning up their classrooms.

Light Keepers Women’s Ministry Conference:  Please join us Saturday, September 6th from 8:00 AM - Noon at the Church of the Open Bible (120 School Road in Charleston) with special speaker Deb Nadeau, Director of LifeSource Women’s Ministry.  Call or email to register: 285-7244 or mlamero@mainestream.us

Hospital Chaplaincy Service: The Hospital Chaplaincy is in desperate need of all the comfort items they provide to over 15,000 residents in assisted living, long-term care, rehabilitation and boarding facilities of Maine.  If you are able to make any of these hand sewn, knitted or crochet items, you can see Hallie Downing for a list and patterns.  These simple gifts make a huge difference in the lives of the residents.  Thank you!

Pleasant Meadows Ministry: Join us at Pleasant Meadows at 12:30 today.

Minimizing Distractions: To the extent possible, please stay seated once the teaching begins; and please turn off or silence all communication devices.

Free Will Offerings:  We do not pass an offering plate during our services, but encourage all who attend regularly “whose hearts are stirred and everyone whose spirit is willing” to place your offerings in the walnut box on the back table. (Exodus 35:21; Malachi 3:10)


The set list will appear here weekly with the announcements.  Please note that we are blessed to have a worship team that seeks the Holy Spirit in leading us in worship, and therefore, this list is subject to His changes.  The number next to each song is the CCLI number.  You can visit CCLI’s Song Select site for more information on each of these songs.

  • Lord Reign In Me - 2490706

  • Glory To God Forever - 5384338

  • Your Great Name - 5393329

  • Glorious Day - 5638022

  • Lord Of Lords - 4869971

  • Our Great God - 3493094

  • Out Of The Depths - 5260988

  • Stronger - 5060810