February 7, 2010

Today’s Scripture Reading: Romans 8:31-39

Today’s Message: Exodus 5 & 6 “God of the Impossible”
We continue in Psalms

Thursday Night:
We continue in Jeremiah

2010 Summer Family Retreat:
Forms and money are due today if you plan to register for the 2010 summer retreat at Peaks-Kenny State Park happening July 22 - 25.  Please see Erin Bridges for more information on our annual camping trip. 

Thursday Night Bible Club:
We will be offering a Bible Club for children ages 4 - 12 from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. on Thursday nights in the Children’s Learning Center room.  Please see Michelle with any questions.

Valentine’s Dessert & Movie Night for Adults: Friday, February 12, from 6 to 8:30 p.m.  Childcare will be unavailable for this event.  There will be no sign-up sheet, but please let Michelle know if you are going to bring a dessert so we can make sure there is enough for everyone.  Thanks!

Annual Sledding Party:
Will be held on February 20 at noon (weather permitting) at the home of Jill and Bill Wentworth.  See Kevin or Lisa for more details.

Free Concert: Joshua Littlefield and Peter Beaulieu will be here on Sunday, February 28, at 6 p.m. sharing with us  a free night of great acoustic praise and the truth of the Bible.  For more information, please see Tom Polley.  There are free CD’s on the resource table if you would like a sampling of the music.

Troop Packages “Item of the Month”: Suggested troop items for February are food items such as:  tuna in packets (not cans); instant drink mixes/foods in individual packages (like Gatorade, Kool-Aid, Crystal Light, oatmeal, Ramen noodles, popcorn, mac&cheese); trail mix; beef jerky/slim jims (a favorite); pop tarts; individually-wrapped hard candy/gum; protein bars/granola bars/breakfast bars; fruit roll-ups/Gushers, etc.  There is also a list in the classroom for anyone wanting more ideas.  If you have any questions, please see Tracy or Nan Redmond.

Operation Christmas Child "Item of the Month" Program: 
We are asking for donations of a specific shoebox item each month to hopefully increase our shoebox output for 2010.  February's item of the month will be small stuffed animals for boys or girls.  Post-Valentine’s Day specials/clearances will be a great opportunity to pick up an item or two or more to donate.  Please see Kevin or Lisa Bowden with any questions.

Youth Group Fundraising Reminder:
We continue to collect bottles and cans, with the money going toward future youth group events.

Attention Moms!  Do you worry about your children? Come experience how you can replace your anxiety and fear with peace and hope by praying with other moms.  Moms In Touch International gathers moms together to pray specifically and scripturally for our children and school. Won’t you join with us in prayer for this next generation? Please contact Vicki French at 876-1133 or vickif@ccmainehighlands.org for information about our local group. For more information about Moms In Touch International, visit www.MomsInTouch.org.
Haiti Updates:
Are available via the Haiti Update mailing list.  You may sign up on the church homepage at www.ccmainehighlands.org.

Missions: Our goals and ambitions for ministry in a foreign land seem lofty and beyond our ability.  Perhaps this is the posture God wants of us; we’ll at least know for sure that whatever progress occurs follows His might and accrues to His glory.

The question about future ministry still hovers over us.  But this much is clear:

the Bible commands us to go,
the field hopes we will come,
the figures show us the need,
the Spirit promises us the strength,
the Judgment means we must go.

An eternity will record our reply.


Gift of discernment for our church leaders
That Christ will build His Church (Matthew 16:18)
Our Compassion Children:  Rabidranan & Mario
Youth Ministry / Children’s Ministry / Workers
Guidance and Direction for Outreach to Local Youth
CCMH Radio Ministry
Gospel for Asia Ministries
Donna Woerter Child Evangelism in Alaska
Faith Comes by Hearing Ministry
Urgency in the Body of Christ
Haiti Ministry
American Troops
Tim & Gwen Klassen
Kenyan Ministry (Patrick Potter & Marc Swartz & Families)

Prayer Chain: The Prayer Chain is in place for urgent needs.  If you or someone you know needs prayer, contact David and Michelle Homchuck at 564-9058.